Pharmacogenetic Testing for Mental Health Medications

Have you ever tried a medication that did not work or caused an adverse reaction? It may be due to your genetic incompatibility with the medication. Every single one of us has a unique set of DNA, which is one of the several factors that determine how your body will react to medications.

At Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center, your journey to mental wellness is personal, and we craft our care to echo this belief. By understanding your unique genetic makeup with our pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, we create tailored treatment plans, and ensure a targeted and effective approach to your well-being.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?


Pharmacogenetic testing is a scientific approach that examines how your genes affect your response to certain medications. This type of testing can predict how you will metabolize and respond to various medications, allowing for a more effective and customized treatment plan.

It analyzes specific genetic markers to determine which medications may be the most effective for you and which ones are likely to cause unwanted side effects. This is particularly valuable for patients who have experienced challenges with finding the right medication or have had adverse reactions to certain drugs.



Why Pharmacogenetic Testing Matters

Matching psychiatric medications can be a complex trial-and-error process. According to findings by the STAR*D trial, two-thirds of depression patients don’t experience complete relief with their initial medication. 

A genetic screening can significantly enhance medication success rates by aligning individuals with drugs that best suit their genetic makeup. 

Drug-gene testing, also known as ‘pharmacogenetics’ or ‘pharmacogenomics’, explores how an individual's genes impact their body's response to drugs. Integrating this testing into our medication decisions minimizes the uncertainty in prescribing, particularly in the realm of mental health medications.

Genomind for Pharmacogenetic Testing


Shore Clinical TMS & Wellness Center is proud to have collaborated with Genomind, the industry leader in mental health medication gene testing. With a long track record of proven results, Genomind offers a straightforward testing process with rapid turnaround times. 

Genetic medication testing at our clinic with Genomind is a simple three-step process with quick results:

  • Testing: Patients can undergo testing on-site at our center or opt for convenient at-home testing using a simple cheek swab.
  • Processing: The pharmacogenetic test is shipped to the Genomind lab for processing. If the test is completed at our facility, Shore Clinical TMS will take care of shipping. If the test is completed at home, the patient will ship the test sample directly to Genomind. No shipping charges will apply.
  • Results: Our team receives, interprets, and reviews the test results with the patient, typically within 24 to 72 hours of the lab receiving the sample. 

Genomind’s New York lab prides itself on quality assurance. They independently test every sample twice to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability. 

Contact us today to find the right path to recovery through personalized pharmacogenetic medication testing and tailored treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pharmacogenetic Testing

Genetic testing can help diagnose diseases, identify gene changes, determine disease severity, guide treatment decisions, assess disease risk, and screen newborns for treatable conditions.

After the blood sample is drawn, it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to receive your pharmacogenetic test results.

Coverage for genetic medication testing depends on the patient's insurance policy. While most insurers cover pharmacogenetic testing, specific requirements may apply. Genomind can assist patients in navigating insurance coverage and determining any out-of-pocket testing costs. For those without coverage, out-of-pocket payment options are available.